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Conferences & Workshops 2016





PASS'COMPETENCES: Experts from Major Groups to Boost Development of Smaller Enterprises in order to Increase Employment in Their Region
Mr. Didier Rascle, Regional Delegate
An innovative human resources concept: Major groups give experts (who are volunteers) to smaller enterprises for a few months. Experts manage important projects for these growing enterprises, for example to conquest a new market, to organize a financial activity, to increase performance of a process… The projects concern all jobs and activities in each sector. Pass'Compétences is a good deal for each part:
  • For the major group: to be an ambassador of employment in his area, to use a new tool to manage staff careers
  • For the expert: to increase his knowledge, to learn about a new environment, to share know-how
  • For the small enterprises: to access skills previously unavailable, solutions to increase performance at a lower cost


BUREAU VERITAS - Quality and Conformity for Additive Manufacturing
Mr Guillaume Duhem, Sales Engineer 
Additive Manufacturing attracts today many advanced industrial sectors such as aeronautics, space, and defence . With the development of this technique, major stakeholders expect to improve their performances (weight, functionality), supply chain management (production range), reduction of cost and deadline. However, Quality, Compliance and Safety must be respected and remain essential. The main objective of this conference is to bring forward solutions to:
  • Confirm quality and performance of components or parts products,
  • Check quality and compliance of materials used,
  • Identify root cause of failures of components and parts


PHILIPPINE TRADE AND INVESTMENT CENTER - The Philippines Aerospace Industry: Strengths and Opportunites
Mr Foilan Emil Pamintuan, Director and Commercial Attaché, Trade and Investment Center in Paris 
An established provider of MRO services in the region, the Philippines is building its capabilities as an aerospace parts manufacturer. In the past five years, the Philippines expanded and upgraded its expertise, product coverage and markets, as companies from the Tiers 1-3 supplier segments invest in new facilities and obtain certifications to cater to the manufacturing requirements of the global industry. Driven by global developments, the industry association, in consultation with the government, has crafted its Aerospace Industry Roadmap, which envisions the Philippines to be a hub for manufacturing of OEM parts and for allied services (MRO) for the global commercial aircraft industry. In this Workshop, we will present the business opportunities in the Philippines as it expands participation in the global value chain of the aerospace industry, given a menu of its evolving capabilities in manufacturing, and the development of supporting infrastructure and services. We will provide as well information on how to do business in the Philippines.


DNV GL & AIRBUS - Moving ASD Industry Certification Mindset From Process to Business Risks/Opportunities Approach
Mr Thomas Valtier, European Air & Space & Defence Business Development Responsible, DNV GL
Mr Roberto Suero, Aerospace Scheme Responsible, DNV GL
Mr Thierry Coutand, EN9100 Certification Manager, Airbus
The growing risks/opportunities orientation into the new generation of ASD industry’s managing standards (ISO/EN-AS) is directly connected with today’s concerns and stakes.
In the past, risks and opportunities approach were intended to manage the processes performance, these are now considered as leverage to improve and support business performance.
In this workshop, we will introduce how risks and opportunities can be assessed in a certification audit with the DNV GL “Risk Based approach”.
We will also describe how the risks and opportunities approach combined with process management will support the company’s success and key objective achievement.


ACTE INTERNATIONAL - Cross Trade, Key Success Factor of International Supply Chains! ! 
Ms Anne Le Rolland, Group CEO
Ms Diana Cammarano, France CEO
CROSS TRADE business is only for experienced exporters and importers. It requires adapting your supply chain to the specificities of each new contract or order, and monitoring at once many different criteria usually well sequenced. When developing new cross trade scenario, one must evaluate the impact of each link of the supply chain on the other in order to identify risks, costs, and non-compliance. Optimize your fiscal costs when exporting and your selling prices may become uncompetitive. Reduce import customs costs and your delivery times may slow down. Keep your usual transport mean and your logistic cost will increase.
A mapping of a multi-dimensional supply chain and its strategic challenges.


Mr Bryan Im, Deputy Director, Saemangeum Development & Investment
In a context of continuous rate increase, mastering the Raw Material Supply is key for all players of the Aerostructure Supply Chain. In this spirit, the bundling of Airbus Group demand has offered a reduced pricing but also reinforced the security of Supply, those elements are covered in the Frame Contracts signed by Airbus with the major material suppliers on behalf of Airbus Group and its Global Supply Chain. The execution of these contracts by the sub-tiers of the Supply Chain and the various divisions of Airbus Group requires a set up for contractual obligation delegation called Enablement. To manage this Enablement, Airbus has implemented an information system called ConBid Tool, which collects and controls the allocations of materials from the various Mills towards the consumers of the Supply Chain. This presentation will highlight these different principles, their benefits and associated obligations to reinforce a proper common understanding of these key practices and make Airbus Group Supply Chain more agile.


AIRBUS S.A.S. - Airbus Group Metallic Materials contracts renewal principles
Mr Raphael Duflos, Vice President Metallic Materials, Forging and Castings Procurement, Air Group Lead Byer
Saemangeum in Korea is one of the major national projects, which is developing companies into a gateway and strategic hub toward China and beyond to North East Asia. Specially in the mechanical and advanced carbon material cluster based on industry-academia-research collaboration, the only Korea-China FTA Industrial Complex in Korea and the customized financial incentives and deregualtion policies will pave the way to successful business. Thanks to its competitiveness and opportunity of the future, global companies such as “Toray” and “Solvay” invested and started a commercial production in Saemangeum.


TOULOUSE BUSINESS SCHOOL - Aerospace Industrials: Collaborating with Toulouse Business School 
Dr. Christophe Bénaroya, Aerospace MBA Director
A brand new and thrilling period is now occurring following the Golden Age for new program development: the aerospace industry is facing profound changes in production methods, in communication and sales approaches with the emergence of new business models. Technological developments require aerospace companies and organizations to review their organizational and management practices. Toulouse Business School by its research activities (Think) and teaching immersed in the heart of the European Aerospace Center (Create) is actively working with international organizations to support them in these developments. Whether for high potential mid-career managers (Aerospace MBA), young professionals (Master Aerospace Management, MS Air Transport Management) or for future employees (Bachelor), TBS offers a variety of training and hands-on activities (missions, internships, projects, research) to deliver value-added outputs to large organizations and SMEs. Let's explore together the extended range of collaboration!


GERAC ELECTROMAGNETISME - Testing Critical Aircraft Systems Exposed to High Intensity Radiofrequency Fields Using a Mobile Reverberant Chamber 
Mr Stéphane Laik, Head of Engineering and Advanced Studies Deputy 
Certification of aircraft requires validating critical functions of electronic systems when exposed to High Intensity Radiated Fields (HIRF) and Lightning threats. Regarding HIRF constraint, few laboratories are equipped with such a test means able to fit with full systems. In addition, the complexity of some systems makes difficult to move them in the selected laboratory. To overcome this drawback, GERAC developed a mobile reverberation chamber to perform HIRF tests at customer premises.


STRATASYS - Additive Manufacturing Within the Aerospace Industry - Current and Future Applications 
Mr Kay O Kissling, Strategic Account Manager - Aerospace 
ANG: Over the last decade, aerospace innovators have pushed 3D printing beyond the realm of prototyping into advanced tooling and production applications. Nowadays additive manufacturing is shaping the aerospace industry through performance and manufacturing efficiencies. The recent applications will help reduce fuel costs and increase payload, minimize supply-chain risk and maximize flexibility and eliminate high costs for low-volume parts. Moreover new developments will increase even more the incredible potential of additive manufacturing with the production of all most infinite size parts.


GIMAS & MAROC EXPORT - Moroccan Aerospace Industry: The Most Competitive Base at the Gate of Europe
Ms Maria El Filali, General Director, GIMAS
Ms Zahra Maafiri, General Director, Maroc Export
Le Maroc figure au 15ème rang de l’industrie aéronautique mondiale et au 8ème rang en termes d’investissements aéronautiques. Il héberge plus d’une centaine de sociétés dont des OEMs majeurs tels que le groupe SAFRAN, Stelia, Bombardier, Boeing, UTC, SAFRAN, Thales, Zodiac Aerospace, Eaton, Alcoa et beaucoup de PME bien référencées. Des conditions financières compétitives et des incentives gouvernementaux permettent l’essor de cette industrie avec une capacité de livrer des équipements de pointe à très haute valeur ajoutée. L’accélération industrielle et la signature d’un contrat historique avec Boeing attirent plus de 120 fournisseurs au Maroc. C’est une opportunité unique pour des sociétés basées en Europe de venir chercher de nouveaux fournisseurs ou des partenariats financiers. La conférence fera le point sur :
  • Une présentation générale de l’économie marocaine et projets structuraux
  • La supply chain aéronautique marocaine
  • Des études de cas d’OEMs majeurs
  • Des témoignages d’entreprises


SLM SOLUTIONS - Adoption of Metal Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace
Mr David Wilckens, Director Business Development Aerospace 
Metal Additive Manufacturing has moved into production of leading aerospace OEMs worldwide and the first parts have been approved by the regulating bodies. Metal AM offers unique benefits for the design of the product and the optimization of the supply chain. Well known examples are the realization of topology optimized designs, integration of multiple parts into one printed part or the possibility to insource manufacturing for critical parts. To enable to move this new manufacturing technology from prototyping to series production SLM Solutions has developed the most efficient and productive systems in the market using upto 4 lasers during the build process.



ECA GROUP - Compact Connected Testing Tools Based on T-Cell Technology
Mr Aziz Tahiri, Technical Marketing Manager
New connected testing tools are emerging both in manufacturing and MRO applications. Thanks to the T-CELL technology, electrical testing means are becoming much more compact and evolutive. It allows to combine multiple functions in one compact case, bringing powerful and accurate testing capabilities directly at the feet of the aircraft. The integrated connectivity features allow the push electronic testing.


DJP - NIMROD - 3D-Interlock Braiding
Mr Jean-Pierre Matteï, President of DJP, a unit of Nimrod Group
DJP « 3D-Interlock Braiding » process produces continuous-fiber technical textile preforms in the form of "socks". This unique braiding process produces multilayer “socks” with each layer interlaced to the next one, which ensures unrivaled integrity for the resulting composite structures. The preforms produced with this method have demonstrated outstanding mechanical properties, excellent fatigue resistance and a superior ability to withstand external attack compared with preforms obtained from "traditional" composites. This process has allowed DJP to develop a wide range of rods and struts with particularly attractive results in terms of resistance to static and dynamic loads compared to equivalent sized metal rods. The automatic placement of the fiber provides excellent repeatability and economics.


AIRBUS Bizlab - How Corporate Accelerators Can Ease Digital Transformation
Mr Bruno Guttieres, Head of Airbus BizLab
Mr Etienne Tronc, President, LEXIGONE
Illustrated by the Airbus BizLab exemple, the network of Airbus Hybrid Accelerators, we will try to demonstrate how such acceleration platforms can feed the Digital Transformation of big Companies by supporting collaboration with startups. One of the Co-founders of Lexigone, a startup from Toulouse actually hosted into the BizLab, will have the opportunity to share with you his startup vision.


PANEL DISCUSSION - CLUB STRATEGIE ACHAT - In Front of New Challenges, What Financial Strategies for Companies of the French Aerospace Industry

Moderator: Mr Pascal Robert, Project manager, Banque de France
Mr Didier Katzenmayer, Vice-President Airbus Group General Procurement Strategy & operational Performance, Airbus Operations
Mr Sebastien Robert-Charrerau, Head of Financing and Guarantee, BPI France
Mr Erwin Yonnet, Chief Investment, Ace Management
Mr Christophe Maury, Administrative & Financial director, Nexteam
Mr Gilles de Raffin, Manager, R-Meca
Mr Etienne Tronc, President, LEXIGONE 

Mr Bernard Plano, General Councillor, Occitanie Region

Strengthening of capital, funding for development, innovation facilitator, so many challenges for the aeronautics sector: several companies will share their experiences with the financing actors.


CHINA (Tianjin) - Binhai: New Area Central Business District
Mr Jun Liang, Chief of Investment and Promotion of Tianjin Binhai New Area Central Business District
Tianjin, situated in the northern Chinese mainland, has been ranked as one of four state-controlled municipalities in China which is close to the capital city of Beijing. Binhai New Area is the state level area which under the administration of Tianjin, it has contained over 60% GDP growth in Tianjin. Central business district is one of the seven functional areas in Binhai new area; as the opening window to the outside world, and also the core area of China (Tianjin) Pilot Free Trade Zone. Binhai CBD gives priority development on financial innovation industry represented by modern service industry, commercial and trading service, science and technology and IT, culture media, professional service and social service, exploring the reform on cross-border investment system and promoting the innovation on financial system. Convenient transportation system, favorable investment policies, abundant office carrier and professional service team are all available for various investors around the world.


OSSA - A Turkish and Aerospace Cluster
Ms Hilal Unal, Cluster coordinator
OSSA will introduce the cluster’s manufacturing capabilities and their approach on H2020 projects on civil aviation additionally will be focusing on where the SME’s stand in OEM’s supply chain management and how existing cooperation could be broaden by more collaborative work with the clusters.
SSM - (Undersecretariat for Defence Industries) - Challenge of Doing Offset in Turkey
Ms Mehtap Camlioglu, Project Engineer, Department of Industrialization -Sectoral Strategy and Investment Planning Department


TRIGO - Qaulity is Safety
Ms Lucile Crayssac, International Sales & Strategic Account Manager of the Aerospace Business Line
Studies shows that air transport is the safest way to travel. Every day, airlines, OEMs and airports are requested to increase their safety level. In parallel and for different reasons, more and more companies externalize their production. Some need to punctually subcontract the manufacturing of parts to absorb a peak workload, others decide to outsource a part of their production in order to stay concentrated on their core business… Whatever the reason, it is a risk for the company. It is essential to secure all the steps in order to avoid any deviation, delay, additional charge… If not, the company could see their success disappear in a nightmare. In this global context, what is the key to secure the risks of outsourcing?



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