1- 3 décembre 2020

Convention d'affaires internationale
des Industries Aéronautique et Spatiale

Aeromart Toulouse 2016
1 - 3 décembre 2020

TAI - Turkish Aerospace Industry

Biographical Notes
Halil Atilla
Trainer and Special Mission Aircraft Directorate

Halil ATILLA born in 1955
Worked for Chrysler Corp 1976-1979 in Lebanon
Worked for Foster Wheeler Energy-USA, in Turkey 1979-1986
Started working for TAI F-16 Program, CN-235 Program production in 1986 as responsible for Integral Fuel Tanks Sealing and pressure testing shops, CN-235 Wing manufacturing/assembly along with all paint shops until 1997.
Working as Chief of Subcontracts since 1997 –present.