1- 3 décembre 2020

Convention d'affaires internationale
des Industries Aéronautique et Spatiale

Aeromart Toulouse 2016
1 - 3 décembre 2020

SAFRAN GROUP - Xavier Dessemond

Biographical Notes
Xavier Dessemond
Purchasing Director



Xavier Dessemond started his career at Valeo where he occupied positions of Purchasing Director in Germany, France, Japan in the Climate control and Lighting Systems Branches.

He was then nominated at the executive committee of Wagon Automotive in charge of purchasing before joining Safran as Purchasing VP in 2007.

BOEING - Rhodri Thomas

Biographical Notes
Rhodri Thomas
Director of New Product Strategy and Requirements


Rhodri graduated from Embry-Riddle University with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering and the University of Washington, where he received a Master’s in Business.

He began his aviation career in heavy airframe maintenance working mostly on 727 and 757’s at Goodrich (Tramco) in Everett WA. He was hired by Boeing and contributed to the development of the 777 long range models. He then moved to New Airplane Product Development where he worked on a concept that would become the 787 Dreamliner. With the launch of the 787 Rhodri moved into business strategy, with specific focus on customer and market requirements. He developed business environment models to simulate and predict swings in demand to assist in production planning and near-term business forecasts.

Rhodri was then selected to lead the Advanced Projects and Strategic Analysis group in the Product Strategy where he worked on requirements for future airplane families like 737 MAX. In 2014, he moved to Supplier Management to lead the Supply Chain Strategy and Development organization.

A Seattle native, he is a dual citizen of the UK. He enjoys many forms of transportation including running, snowshoeing, sailing, skateboarding, any and all types of bicycling, rally driving and motorcycle adventure riding.



AIRBUS GROUP- Olivier Cauquil

Biographical Notes
Olivier Cauquil
Material and Parts Procurement Chairman of the Airbus Group Material Board

Mr. Olivier Cauquil is responsible for Material and Parts Procurement at Airbus. As such, he deals with metallic and composite materials, along with standard and detail parts for all Airbus programs. He manages teams located in the four main Airbus countries. His main challenge is to structurally adapt the supply chain to properly cope with the upcoming production ramp-ups. He also chairs the Airbus Group Material Board that ensures sourcing and contracting on behalf of the whole group for materials and standard parts, taking benefit of consolidated volumes from all business units. He started his career with Aerospatiale, Aircraft division. 

He first held different jobs in the field of information system and industrial organization projects management, and then joined Procurement in the late 90’s. He has been responsible for Avionics Procurement and from 2006, VP for Equipment and Systems Procurement at Airbus operations SAS. In 2010 he became SVP for Procurement Strategy and Business Operations at Airbus SAS. Mr. Cauquil is graduated from Toulouse School of Economics and holds a Masters degree in Information System Management from Toulouse Business School.


DAHER - Pascal Garnero

Biographical Notes
Pascal Garnero
Purchasing Director

Pascal Garnero started working in defense design office for aerodynamics and propulsion for missiles.

Then he took responsibility as program manager for space satellite control stations in Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and India inside Aerospatiale Satellites Company (now Thales Alenia Space)
In 2000, he took overall responsibility for electric and chemical propulsion product line for space applications.

Inside Thales Alenia Space JV international transformation, he became in charge in 2005 of putting in place international purchasing organization and was promoted Purchasing VP in 2007 and then Chief Purchasing Officer for Thales Group in UK (London) in 2010 where he put in place Purchasing Shared Service process and organization
He is since 2013, Purchasing Director in DAHER Group (Aeronautic , Defense, Nuke, Energy)

Senior Member of AAAF (French Association for Aeronautic and Astronautic) : he wrote papers in the fields of Ramjet and Scramjet Propulsion for missiles and airbreathing launchers. He is member of MCIPS (Chartered Institute for Purchasing and Supply) , lecturer for Arts & Métiers ParisTech and private pilot (600 flight hours).

DAHER - Pascal Garnero

Biographical Notes
Pascal Garnero
Directeur des achats


Carrière débutée en bureau d’études de conception aérodynamique et propulsion de Missiles chez Aérospatiale. Pascal Garnero prend ensuite en charge des projets internationaux de station de contrôle de satellites en Arabie Saoudite, Tunisie et Inde pour Aérospatiale Satellites devenu Alcatel Space.

En 2000, il se voit confier la responsabilité du développement et de la mise en œuvre d’une ligne de produit propulsions chimique et électrique de satellites.. Il prend une responsabilité multi-nationale dans le domaine achats/procurement en 2005, pour participer à la transformation de ce périmètre liée à la création de la Joint Venture d’Alcatel Alenia Space. Il devient Directeur des Achats en 2007 au sein de Thales Alenia Space puis de Thales UK en 2010, en expatriation à Londres pour piloter la transformation de ce domaine en service partagé centralisé.

Il est depuis 2013 Directeur des Achats dans le Groupe DAHER (Aéronautique , Défense, Nucléaire, Energie) Membre sénior de l’AAAF (Association Astronautique et Aéronautique de France) : publications dans le domaine de la propulsion à statoréacteurs et super statoréacteurs. Membre MCIPS (Chartered Institute for Purchasing and Supply). Maître de conférence aux Arts & Métiers ParisTech. Passionné d’aéronautique (pilote privé : 600 heures).