1- 3 décembre 2020

Convention d'affaires internationale
des Industries Aéronautique et Spatiale

Aeromart Toulouse 2016
1 - 3 décembre 2020


Slade Gardner - Lockheed Martin
Biographical Notes
Slade Gardner
LM Fellow - Advanced Manufacturing and Materials

Dr. Slade Gardner is a technology and strategy leader for implementation of Advanced Manufacturing and Materials at Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company (SSC) leading the maturation and acceptance of Additive Manufacturing.  His Additive Manufacturing portfolio includes large metal engineering demonstrations, custom alloy formulations, large polymer and composite pioneering equipment, novel polymer composite materials and equipment development for additive clusters.  
Dr. Gardner is the inventor of large scale Point Wise Composition Control.  
He is currently focusing technical leadership and strategic planning for Lockheed Martin SSC’s Advanced Manufacturing ‘Factory of the Future’.  
In addition to additive manufacturing his molded thermoplastics portfolio is best known as the “APEX” family of nanocomposite thermoplastics for which he created the development strategy, staffed and lead the team for material formulation and implementations.  
Prior to working at Lockheed Martin SSC, Slade worked for more than a decade at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in the Skunk Works division.  
Slade’s additional experience includes composite manufacturing, tooling development, processing science and fabrication methods.  
His published research includes structure-process-property relationships of tailored interphase composites for performance and durability improvements.
He has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Lafayette College, Easton PA and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA where he worked under a fellowship from the National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center for High Performance Polymers and Composites.


Biographical Notes
Cesare Battaglia
Procurement & Supply Chain Senior Vice President

Mr. Cesare Battaglia started his career in 2002 with a 6-month internship at Airbus Deutschland GmbH in the team of Vertical Tail Plane of A400M for preliminary design and optimization activities, in an Engineering /Defence & Aerospace multinational experience: Airbus Hamburg. Initially as Stress Composite Expert, then as Team Leader of Stress and Optimization Main Composite Components. After 4-year experience mainly in R&D and Engineering Department, with progressively increasing responsibilities, he moved in Alenia Aeronautica, with a challenging future: become a Global Player. Headquartered in Turin, assigned first as Certification Policy Manager, to develop business and strategic skills in addition to technical ones, then as JCA Certification Lead, operating from US for a period of 6 months. His career then evolved into the role of Industrial Integration Manager, managing Manufacturing and Alteration sites with the coordination of dedicated Sourcing organization, for a niche line of business: Special Versions Aircraft. 
Progressively achieving increasing responsibilities on business profitability (P&L, margins, revenues), the role evolved as VP Business Military Transport & Special Versions, with promotion to Executive of the Company, more devoted to contractual aspects, and then to VP Programs Military Transport & Special Versions, with overall responsibility of two lines of business, interfacing with CFO and reporting to CEO for the profit and loss. 
Starting from October 2014 he has been appointed as Senior Vice President Procurement & Supply Chain, reporting directly to Chief Operating Officer of Alenia Aermacchi S.p.A. Responsible of coordinating all  operational activities of every commodity (Subcontracts, Equipment, Production Materials and Indirect Materials), of planning and control and of contracts; furthermore responsible of all strategic activities and developing supply chain base. The organization under his control consists of more than 330 people on 5 different sites, including one based in USA, with an yearly budget of more than 2,2 Bln €
He has PhD in Technologies and Management of Aeronautic Infrastructure and a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering (MEng Hons). He has also an executive MBA at SDA Bocconi.


Biographical Notes
Eric Zanin
SVP - Head of Supply Chain

Eric Zanin, Senior Vice President, has been appointed Head of Procurement Operations at Airbus, from 1st January 2013 in charge of the Supply Chain and Quality performance for all flying products.
Between 1981 and 1992, Eric Zanin held various positions in Aerospatiale Airbus Division including Manufacturing, Business Control, and Planning & Logistics. 
In 1992, Eric Zanin joined the Aerospatiale Satellite Company as VP Head of Operations. 
Eric Zanin returned to Airbus France in 1997 as VP Business Development, with his main project being to develop the nacelle business.  Following this, he was appointed as Plant Manager for the Toulouse Final Assembly Lines between 1999 to end 2003.
From 2004 to February 2007, Eric Zanin joined the Airbus Headquarters to lead the International Procurement department and subsequently the International Cooperation Operations department within the Strategy leadership team.
From February 2007 through to end 2008, Eric Zanin was responsible for industrial restructuring with the Power 8 Programme team in charge of the ‘Zephyr Project’ (Airbus plants divestment).
From January 2009 to May 2010, Eric Zanin was Head of Business Development & International Cooperation within the Strategy and Future Programmes organisation.
In May 2010 and up until end 2012, Eric Zanin held the position of Head of Material & Parts Procurement.
Eric Zanin is an Engineer graduated from Arts & Metiers Paris Tech, Master of Management from “Institut du Contrôle de Gestion” (IFG Paris) and INSEAD_AMP.
Eric Zanin, 56 years old, is a member of the Boards for a number of EADS subsidiaries.


Biographical Notes
Thierry Rouge-Carrassat
Chief Technology Officer

Main missions: 
- Elaborate & deploy Innovation strategy in each Group entity
-   Develop technical cross- fertilization between the entities 
- Re-inforce cooperation with universities and laboratories (worldwide)
- Group representative in the National & International conferences 
-   Manage the Group Intellectual Property (IP) policy
President of the ZODIAC Scientific and Technology Council  
Janv. 2009 – Janv. 2013 Company: INTERTECHNIQUE - Group ZODIAC 
Business Unit Manager 
Oct. 1993 – janv. 2009  Company:  ECE - Group ZODIAC 
Déc. 2001 – janv. 2009 : Technical & Program Director
Mai 1998 - déc. 2001 : Engineering Manager 
Oct. 1993 - mai 1998 : Program Manager 


Biographical Notes
Pierre Fossier

Pierre Fossier began his career in 1983 in Dassault Electronique, as system engineer within MIRAGE 2000 and RAFALE programmes. In 1998, following the merger of DASSAULT ELECTRONIQUE and THOMSON-CSF, Pierre FOSSIER was successively appointed Technical Director of the Electronic Warfare Business Unit, then Deputy Technical Director of the Airborne Systems Business Group of THALES. In 2004, he became deputy Vice President for Research, Technology and Engineering of the Aerospace division of THALES (for both civilian and defence activities). He is now Vice President, Chief Technical Officer of the Air Operations Division of THALES.

Pierre Fossier has a graduate engineering degree from “Ecole Polytechnique” and “Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications” (France). He was distinguished with the aeronautics medal and is a former auditor of the Institution of Higher National Defence Studies (IHEDN). He his member of the steering committee of the French “Conseil d’Orientation de la Recherche Aéronautique Civile “ (CORAC), board member of the “Fondation pour le Recherche Aéronautique et Espace”, and member of “Conseil d’Orientation du Service Technique de l’Aéronautique Civile” (STAC).