1- 3 décembre 2020

Convention d'affaires internationale
des Industries Aéronautique et Spatiale

Aeromart Toulouse 2016
1 - 3 décembre 2020

TAI - Turkish Aerospace Industry

Biographical Notes
Halil Atilla
Trainer and Special Mission Aircraft Directorate

Halil ATILLA born in 1955
Worked for Chrysler Corp 1976-1979 in Lebanon
Worked for Foster Wheeler Energy-USA, in Turkey 1979-1986
Started working for TAI F-16 Program, CN-235 Program production in 1986 as responsible for Integral Fuel Tanks Sealing and pressure testing shops, CN-235 Wing manufacturing/assembly along with all paint shops until 1997.
Working as Chief of Subcontracts since 1997 –present.



Biographical Notes
Solange Hollard

Solange Hollard, Vice President of the SPACE association, representing AIRBUS as executive member.

She defines and supports the activities of SPACE with the other executive members towards industrial improvement of SMEs in Europe.

Senior manager in Procurement at Airbus, in charge of supplier continuous improvement for Systems.

Previously she had various responsibilities inside AIRBUS in Engineering, procurement and test centre, in particular she has been in charge of the development of the A380 Iron bird general test bench.


Biographical Notes
Xavier Dessemond
Purchasing Vice President



Xavier Dessemond started his career at Valeo where he occupied positions of Purchasing Director in Germany, France, Japan in the Climate control and Lighting Systems Branches.

He was then nominated at the executive committee of Wagon Automotive in charge of purchasing before joining Safran as Purchasing VP in 2007.


Biographical Notes
Laurent Deleville
Vice President Open Innovation

Gratuating from Polytechnique, he began his  professional career in the chemical industry in production, research and development.
He completed his industrial and technical expertise by joining the industrial automotive industry, more specifically with international job roles in Supply Chain, Logistics and Procurement. 
In 2010 he joined Safran starting as Purchasing Vice President for Turbomeca before taking over the role of Vice President Open Innovation.


Biographical Notes
Diana Giorgini

In 2005 Diana Giorgini started developing marketing strategies for the Piedmontese aerospace industries, with a special commitment to SMEs technical and economical improvement.

One year later she was appointed General Manager of the Aerospace Industry Division inside Piemonte Agency. Since 2007 she is the Project Manager of “Torino Piemonte Aerospace”, the unique internationalization project in Italy devoted to the development of the aerospace cluster, at the head of dynamic team including senior aerospace technical experts. Her mission is to improve the competitive positioning of the Piedmontese aerospace cluster in relation to the international market.

She has been working on the development of the SMEs supply chain succeeding in leading the Piedmontese aerospace cluster and industrial excellences to the attention of the business global context.

Her experience relates to several foreign countries and economies such as China, India, Nafta Countries, in addition to Europe.

Before joining Piemonte Agency for Investments, Export and Tourism in 1994, she developed two international experinces in Caffarel SpA before and in SAAB Wabco Westinghouse.

Innovation, international networking and global strategies for mutual gain relationships are the basis of her everyday activity.