December 1 - 3, 2020

International Business Convention
for the Aerospace Industry

Aeromart Toulouse 2016
1 - 3 décembre 2020


Chairman & CEO

Graduated from SupAero engineering school in 1985, Gérard Dejonghe started at Aerospatiale (now Airbus). He also passed a diploma of Company Management at Toulouse School of Management and, in 1991, joined EREMS company, a SME specialised in the design and manufacturing of electronic equipment for the space field. After several years as a Project Manager for different space equipment and instruments, in particular for the International Space Spation, he takes the overal Management of EREMS in 2005, at that time composed of 28 employees, and, in 2009, becomes its main shareholder. He also takes in charge the business development of EREMS and, today, is the Chairman and CEO of the company, composed of 130 employees, supplying major electronic items to the Space Agencies and Prime Contractors for scientific programs, earth observation and telecom satellites...