December 1 - 3, 2020

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1 - 3 décembre 2020

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The following companies show off their innovations in 2014:

Direct manufacturing and waste free society
Powder Injecting Molding (PIM) is a net shape or near net shape direct manufacturing process that combines powders metallurgy and shaping by plastic injection.
This innovating technology enables to shape micromechanical parts in large quantities with very complex alloys (nickel base and others), with the guarantee of a very higher material and energy efficiency, compared with other technologies.
Associated with the Lean, it is the assurance of a manufacturing that minimizes the wastes, thus with optimal global costs.
ATR is the "green reference"  in regional aviation. ATR aircraft fuel consumption, and as a consequence, its CO2 emissions, are 50% lower than compared to a regional jet. Over a one-year period, a fleet of 10 ATRs save more than 50,000 tons of CO2 compared to an equivalent fleet of regional jets. ATR is also the first regional aircraft manufacturer to have obtained the ISO14001 environmental certification throughout the life cycle of its products.
Green technologies are key competitive advantages of future air transport systems. Major environmental challenges are at stake in aircraft life cycle management, air traffic management and integration of air transport into multimodal transport system. The European CARE project will reinforce the R&D networking already instigated at regional level through research-driven clusters and will increase the competitiveness of these regions in the field of Green Aircraft Transportation by:
 Enhancing more effective investments in R&D at regional level 
•  Stimulating the setting-up of additional regional research-orientated clusters (mentoring activity) 
•  Catalyzing synergies and public private partnerships both on finance and research agendas standpoints at the European scale.
Continental automotive (embedded electronic systems for the vehicle) support, from more than 30 years, all the automotive industry in its huge effort to strongly reduce CO2 emissions developing hybrid, electric powertrain technologies and smart actuators improving energetic efficiency of the vehicle. 
Those developments have lead to design components & systems of high quality and high reliability level at highly competitive prices thanks to a successful industrialization. 
CES is part of the Continental Automotive group and enables the aeronautics suppliers to get access to automotive technologies allowing to develop faster than expected affordable innovations matching with the roadmap of the ecological friendly and more electrical aircraft & helicopter. 
All our know-how and portfolio will be presented for the first time during Aeromart 2014 to the aeronautic industry. 
This is an opportunity for all aeronautic equipment makers in search of disruptive and innovative solutions to find them in AEROMART.
Set up in 2008 and chaired by the French Transport Minister, Corac (which stands for “Conseil pour la Recherche Aéronautique Civile” - Civil aviation research council) brings together all French civil aviation industry stakeholders, including manufacturers, airlines, airports, air navigation services, Gifas, research institutes and various government departments (Research, Defence, Industry, Civil Aviation). 
Its role is to define and implement research and technological innovation actions with a view to meeting the industry’s environmental objectives set for 2050 at global level, while at the same time increasing the sector’s competitiveness. 
Corac members have designed and built technology demonstrators in the areas of aerostructures, propulsion, avionics and onboard energy management to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of aircraft in the future. 
FedEx has set ambitious goals to reduce its footprint where it has the greatest environmental impact:
•  Reduce aircraft emissions 30 percent by 2020 on an emissions per available-ton-mile basis (based on a fiscal year 2005 baseline).
•  Increase FedEx Express vehicle efficiency by 30 percent by 2020 (based on a fiscal year 2005 baseline).
•  Get 30 percent of our jet fuel from alternative fuels by the year 2030.
•  Expand on-site renewable energy generation and procurement of renewable energy credits.
GIFAS provides stakeholders with solutions to the major environmental challenges we face (climate change, air quality, noise pollution, the depletion of natural resources, handling of chemicals and waste, etc.) and promotes the sustainable development of the aerospace sector.
Through specialist Commissions, GIFAS members have access to strategic information which enables them to anticipate and carry out joint initiatives.
O.M.P.M stands for OFFICINA MERIDIONALE di PRECISIONE MECCANICA S.r.l. It is a Italian company founded in 1971; The activities are design and stress analysis, milling machining, surface treatments and assembly and it has been capable of diversifying its capabilities to provide solutions for our customers with technical, economic and ecologic added-values.