December 1 - 3, 2020

International Business Convention
for the Aerospace Industry

Aeromart Toulouse 2016
1 - 3 décembre 2020

Green Aviation Village - Exhibitors

Some of the exhibitors at Aeromart Green Aviation Village 2016


GreenFlex is an independent company that has been convinced since 2009 that companies should make a positive contribution to the world's development by changing themselves. GreenFlex provides solutions for energetic optimization for infrastructures : building, industry, transportation, datacenter and energy transition financing for equipment and services associated. Every day, GreenFlex creates functional and sustainable solutions that combine support from multiple experts, financing and data-driven decision making to produce concrete and measurable results.

GreenFlex employs almost 180 people in 14 offices throughout Europe, and in 2015 had a turnover of more than 190 million euros. For 7 years now, the company has been supporting more than 450 clients.

GreenFlex: Designer of sustainable solutions.

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WSP Group, the 6th largest building engineering company in the world is located in 40 countries. WSP is organized in 4 sectors : Buildings, Infrastructures, Industry, Environmental as well as possessing strong competences in sustainability studies.

In the very competitive aerospace sector, WSP has designed tailored solutions for reduction in energy consumption of industrial buildings and continues to optimize and progress in this field to propose to our clients minimum recurrent operational costs.

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KES is an engineering company with high skills in aircraft equipment design as well as aircraft modification. With substantial expertise in complete package management KES can help to define a product specification as per customer requirements starting from scratch, and propose full package from conception to manufacturing, including qualification and certification. Due to its long experience in this field, and convinced that for future ecology benefit new material shall be used in our conception, we initiated various internal program of R&D in which we are using bio sourced material.
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COBRATEX is an industrial company that offers bamboo based reinforcement alternatives to the composites material market. It has developed an innovative technology (patented) to manufacture a continuous and unique ribbons. Therefore, the company can offer bobbins, fabrics and fibres that answer sustainable development criteria, mass reduction constraints, design/aesthetic considerations and other requirements, with relevant mechanical properties.
Launched in 2007, GreenAir is an online publication dedicated to publishing independent, informative and up-to-the-minute news, features and analysis on current issues surrounding aviation and its impact on climate change and the environment. It is the only international publication devoted to green aviation and has no association with industry, environmental pressure groups or government bodies, and so is able to present opinions from all sides without bias. GreenAir covers a broad spectrum of subject areas including aerospace technology, and has devoted considerable coverage to the worldwide development of sustainable alternative fuels for aviation. Its international readership comes from industry (airlines, airports, manufacturers and air navigation services), policy-makers, regulators, NGOs, carbon markets and biofuel producers.