December 1 - 3, 2020

International Business Convention
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Aeromart Toulouse 2016
1 - 3 décembre 2020

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  • Program - Thursday, December 4

Aeromart Toulouse 2014 Conferences program, thursday December, 4


Two simultaneous workshops in the 09:00-09:30 session

ALLIANCE – 3D printing and Waste Free Society
Presentation available soon
Mr. Jean-Claude BIHR, CEO, Alliance

Powder Injecting Molding (PIM) is a net shape or near net shape direct manufacturing process that combines powders metallurgy and shaping by plastic injection. This innovating technology enables to shape micromechanical parts in large quantities with very complex alloys (nickel base and others), with the guarantee of a very higher material and energy efficiency, compared with other technologies. Associated with the Lean, it is the assurance of a manufacturing that minimizes the wastes, thus with optimal global costs.


Operation Technology Convergence for Today and Tomorrow
Presentation available
Mr. Martin KELMAN, Senior MES Consultant, ATS International

Current industry trends for more integrated manufacturing systems have driven the need for the two worlds of Information Technology and Operation Technology to converge. The manufacturing domain now includes application and interfaces like PLM for manufacturing, ERP, MES, EMI and a myriad of shop floor systems. ATS has used the principles of manufacturing 2.0 to define and deploy a manufacturing service bus that meets the challenges of IT security and policies and delivers a configurable, flexible solution for the aerospace industry. With one eye on the future, the manufacturing service bus is also complementary to the ideas of the internet of things and industry 4.0. Are these ideas games changers, or can we build on existing knowledge?

Two simultaneous workshops in the 09:35-10:05 session

Outlook of the Turkish aerospace and Defense industry
Presentation available soon
Mrs Hilal UNAL, cluster coordinator, OSSA
SSM Procurement -Offset applications and Kazan special organized industrial area
Presentation available
Mrs. Berrak Alkar Yilmaz, Regional Representative, SSM (Undersecretariat for Defense Industries for Turkey)

Being the biggest Defence & Aviation Cluster, located in Ankara, OSSA embodies 143 companies and over 2500 employees serving for main industry supply chain. The presentation will be on the importance of supplier industry and how to reach SME’s operating in Turkish Defense & Aerospace industries. Turkey with a budget of $15 billion a year in defense & aerospace is also becoming a production center with latest technology defense & aerospace products. Also this workshop would be useful for international companies looking to penetrate into developing Turkish market. The presentation includes the following topics; Turkey’s enhancing defense capabilities, main projects conducted by SSM, Turkish offset guideline, opportunities and advantages of cooperating with Turkish industry and SSM’s expectations for the future.


ECA Group - How to optimize aircraft testing time and cost using innovative technology?
Presentation available soon
Mr. Jérôme VIAGAS, Sales and Marketing Director, ECA Sinters

The aerospace industry faces great challenges to reduce aircraft testing time and cost. ECA Group T-Cell technology is used to develop complete electronic functional testing systems for the aerospace industry. T-Cells are interchangeable and compact modules used to design multifunction testing systems. T-Cell Testing systems are composed of compact and mobile cabinets that can easily be moved around the aircraft.
This technology offers:
• Great flexibility as they can be used in fixed or mobile configurations.
• Better use of working space in a confined environment supporting coactivity during manufacturing process and improving health and safety for ground personnel.
• Easy maintainability as T-Cells are self-maintainable. T-cells are rugged hot-plug modules that can be replaced in less than one minute. T-Cells also guarantee over 98% product availability.
• Easier testability enabled by embedded testability functions with a dedicated HMI
• A system adapted to the aerospace environment benefitting from ECA experience with the main manufacturers of the aerospace industry
• Obsolescence management by mastering critical component usage and software upgrades.
ECA Group can also offer a complete range of innovative testing tools. In particular, we use T-Cells to build easy-to-use portable GSE testing tools. T-Cells can be used in mobile and battery-powered GSE testing tools as they are compact modules and have a low electrical consumption

Two simultaneous workshops in the 10:10-10:40 session

MATERIALISE - 3D Printing Solutions for the Aerospace Industry
Presentation available
Mr. Jurgen LAUDUS, Director, Materialise

The aerospace industry has high demands when it comes to engineering. In a never-ending search for stronger, lighter, and more durable components, many challenges arise. Today, Additive Manufacturing creates new possibilities to meet those challenges. With over 20 years of experience, Materialise can help you to see beyond the hype and offer solutions that work.

AIRBUS CIMPA - Knowledge Management: how to secure your knowledge assets
Presentation available soon
Mr. Damien MANTOULAN, Knowledge Management team leader, CIMPA

In order to maintain their competitive edge companies have to consider the most appropriate ways to manage their knowledge. There are, nevertheless, several factors that can endanger their “knowledge assets”: an aging workforce, poaching of key resources, high turnover, to name but a few. Whilst governments and organisations are actively promoting the need to better manage knowledge (like the “contrat de génération” in France for example), capturing, sharing and re-use of knowledge remains a significant challenge. How can we secure our knowledge assets? How can we effectively capitalise on our experts’ knowledge? How can our workforce effectively share their knowledge amongst each other? Our presentation will try to address those points.

Two simultaneous workshops in the 10:45-11:15 session
NB: The workshop "Funding for the French aerospace industry" ends at 11:50

ZODIAC AERO DUCT SYSTEMS - Metallic Bellows and Ball Joints characterization. 
Mr. Jean-François ROCHE , Technical Director, Zodiac Aero Duct Systems
Mr. Emmanuel OMONT , Director of Operations, Zodiac Aero Duct Systems

Used in pneumatic (high pressure, high temperature), the bellows act as thermal and dynamic stress decoupling. They are the seat of high thermo-mechanical stresses and therefore shall be subjected to particular care in term of definition and forming process. ZODIAC AERO DUCT SYSTEMS has developed specific savoir-faire / know-how regarding application of numerical simulation as forecast of forming process (hydro forming specific application). This knowledge includes non-linearity characterization involving high deformation, nonlinear material and contact friction. ZODIAC AERO DUCT SYSTEMS has also established a data base in term of fatigue life (Wohler approach) and dynamic. Higher reliability and 50% increased MTBF are resulting for the latest bellows generation used in pneumatic systems. The last studies consider the new metallic alloys (new Titanium base and austenitic alloys) and conduct not only to an improvement of dynamic resistance of the bellows also to a significant weight savings : 30% for the last development.


Challenges and realities of funding for the French aerospace industry 
Roundtable moderated by Mr. Pascal ROBERT, Banque de France
Mr. Richard GABRY, President CSA
Mr. Didier KATZENMAYER, Vice-President CSA, Head of supply chain consolidation AIRBUS
Mr. Laurent de CALBIAC, Régional Manager Bpifrance Région Midi-Pyrénées
Ms. Corinne d’AGRAIN, Investment Manager ACE MANAGEMENT
Mr. Patrick BODENAN, Aeronautics Manager DIRECCTE Midi-Pyrénées
Mr. Christophe CADOR, President STTS

The expanding level of activity of the aeroplane production has considerably increased the level of risk in supply chain. This situation has led to a strengthening of risk management practices especially regarding methods, organization, etc…
- Review of the financial tools and incentives for the sector.
- Focus on the new measures of support for advanced manufacturing.
Speakers will share their vision in their respective domains. An industrialist will share his experience.

Two simultaneous workshops in the 11:55-12:25 session

RESCOLL - ETV, an European recognition of environmental technologies
Presentation available
Ms Claire MICHAUD, head of ecodesign activities and ETV expert for European Commission - Rescoll

With more than 10 years’ experience in environmental assessment and more than 20 LCA performed so far, Claire Michaud works for Rescoll as head of ETV (Environmental Technologies Verification) and ecodesign activities such as Life Cycle Assessment and recycling issues. Ms Michaud was one of the first experts nominated by DG Environment of European Commission for ETV program development. She is an active participant of European commission technical working group and ISO standardization work.


CONTINENTAL ENGINEERING SERVICES – ACTIA AUTOMOTIVE – SERMA GROUP - Automotive Electronic manufacturing excellence give answer to Aeronautic challenges
Presentation available soon
Mr. Jean-Luc MATE, Vice President Strategy and Business Developpement, Continental Engineering Services
Mr. Eric LE BOZEC, Operation Director, Actia
Mr. Olivier DUCHMANN, Chief Development & Strategy Officer, Serma Group

Automotive electronics has been during the last 40 years developed taking into account strong competitiveness demand while constanly improving quality, reliability and ,overall robustness. The “zero default” and " 0 repair " requirements of this industry has been driving factors to develop new processes in design for manufacturing. To maintain this eco- system in Western Europe Automotive suppliers create high tech best cost flexible Factories capable to produce large amount of products variants with single digit PPM at competive prices. Avionics is facing now with rising volumes worldwide and new comers strong competitiveness demands from their airlines customers. Very few automotive electronic equipments makers open their facility to non automotive industry with dedicated EMS offers. That’s the case for Actia and Continental Automotive in Toulouse Midi Pyrénées.
The aim of this round table will be to describe how Automotive Electronics suppliers installed in Toulouse can contribute to accompany all European Aeronautic equipment makers to disruptive challenges in OTD, OQD and best price delivery.


CLUSTRIA - Air-Config : Dynamic Configuration Management Solution. Success for ramp up  A350
Presentation available
A partnership between T-Systems and Clustria : T-Systems as integrator of Clustria solution with Pdm Web Connector.
Mr. Jean-Philippe GAY, Chairman, Clustria

During the ramp up phase, Principals and RSP are confronted to several difficulties like multiplications of reworks, scraps, and work in progress aircrafts. The difficulties for attestation of a sub-assembly lies in the fact that modifications, drawings comes too late from design office to be implemented before delivery. With more than 25 years of experience on dynamic configuration management, CLUSTRIA proposed its methodologies and tools to solve the subject and to succeed in ramp up.


ATR Supply Chain Strategy : French and Italian Suppliers
Presentation available soon
Mr. Thierry CASALE, Vice President Operations, ATR
Mr. Nicola COSTAGLIOLA, Vice President Programs Control, ATR


Two simultaneous workshops in the 14:00-14:30 session

The Midi-Pyrénées region at the heart of Aerospace Valley, world competitiveness cluster in aeronautics, space, and embedded systems
Presentation available
Mr. Philippe BAYLET, Executive Director, Inward Investment, Midi-Pyrénées Expansion
Mr. Thilo SCHÖNFELD, Deputy Director International Affairs, Aerospace Valley

Aerospace Valley is the world competitiveness cluster for aeronautics, space, and embedded systems. The cluster embraces more over than 1,600 companies and 120,000 jobs in the above mentioned sectors. Major aircraft manufacturers and prime contractors are located in the Toulouse Midi-Pyrenees région: Airbus Group, ATR, Air France Industries, Daher Socata, Latecoere, Liebherr Aerospace, Aerolia, Thales Avionics, Rockwell Collins, the Safran Group. Come and visit our workshop at Aeromart to find out the reasons to develop your business or your presence in the Toulouse Midi-Pyrenees region.


The supplier-customer relationship in aerospace, or what an OEM is expecting from its suppliers.
Presentation available soon
Mr Louis BOUCHARD, Procurement Manager - Bombardier Business Aircraft

The aerospace industry is in constant evolution and is more competitive than ever. Not only are we witnessing the emergence of new players, but our customers' needs are also evolving more rapidly. Most of the aerospace OEMs have significantly modified their manufacturing and sourcing strategies to be able to face these new challenges. Suppliers, today, play a far greater role in OEMs' product development and new programs' overall success. This greater interdependence between OEMs and suppliers has made the supplier selection process even more critical. This presentation aims at highlighting Bombardier's expectations towards its suppliers and explaining how this new manufacturing model can help increasing both parties' competitiveness and success.

The keys for successful recruitments 
Mr. Jean-Sébastien FIORENZO, Territorial delegate , APEC Midi-Pyrénées
Mr. Alain AYACHE, ENSEEIHT Managing director in charge of the animation to Training College of Aerospace Valley cluster
Mr. Pascal MATHEUS, Business service manager, Pôle emploi Midi Pyrénées

The definition of its needs through the use of new methods of recruitment, what are the conditions for success and the key to optimize its recruitment in the field of aeronautical and space industries?